Terry Berkowitz

Nueva York, E.U.A.,

Terry Berkowitz is a visual artist whose work is based primarily on social and political events. This New York artist produces video and multimedia installations that includes video, sound and objects. He has had individual exhibitions, among others, at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston and the metronome of Barcelona.

Solo exhibitions (selection)

2007    1492-1944. Dos Obras: Is This Where My Family Lived – The Malaya Lolas Project. Galería Magda Bellotti. Madrid.

1999    Veil of Memory. Prologue: The Last Supper, Metrònom, Barcelona, Spain.

1997    La Misma Tierra, action in the Strait of Gibraltar, Almadraba Festival, Tarifa, Spain, Tangier, Morocco.

1996    A Rock and A Hard Place, Installation, Three Rivers Art Festival, Pittsburgh, PA.

1994   Backseat, Installation, Sculpture Center, New York, N.Y.

1992   A Rock and A Hard Place, Installation, The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, N.Y.

T/ERROR, ‘92 Winter Festival, Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

1990    When the World Was Flat, Installation, Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, Texas.

1982    The Albino Room, Installation, Anderson Gallery, Virginia Commonwealth University.,Richmond, Va.

Too Much Fast Food, Installation, Joseloff Gallery, Hartford Art School,Hartford, Conn.

1980    Slow Burn, Installation, C Space, New York, N.Y.

People Who Live in Glass Houses..., Installation, The Alternative Museum, New York.

Shadow Dance, Installation, Freedman Gallery, Albright College, Reading, Pa.

1979    Performance, Channel C, Manhattan Cable and Teleprompter, New York.

1978    Double Exposure, Installation, Project Studios 1 (P.S.1), L. I. City, N.Y.

1976    I'm Not Really Afraid of the Dark, Installation, Galerie S:t Petrie, Lund, Sweden.

Installation, Marist College, Poughkeepsie, New York.

Fleeting Images, Installation, 112 Greene Workshop, New York, N.Y.

Installation, Galeria Akumulatory 2, Poznan, Poland.Berkowitz


Group exhibitions (selection)

2007    Arco 07. Galeria Magda Bellotti. Madrid.

Trauma, interrupted, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Manila.

2006  DIVA, Digital and Video Art Fair, New York, NY.

Sweet Art, benefit for New Orleans artists, Bohen Foundation, New York, NY.

Loop Video Fair, Barcelona, Spain.

Moving Time, Korean Cultural Service, New York, NY.

Cluster, curated by Katie Holten, Participant Gallery, New York, NY and Mexico City.

No Man’s Land, a web exihibition at http://www.womanifesto.com/en/event5/nomansland.asp

2005    Copilandia, Sevilla Entre Culturas Festival, Centro de Arte de Sevilla, Spain.

3 Cities Against the Wall: New York, Ramallah, Tel Aviv, ABCNORIO, New York, NY, Tel Aviv, Hebron.

Emap, Art Festival, Ewha University, Seoul, Korea.

DIVA, Digital and Video Art Fair, New York, NY.

Athens Video Festival, Athens. Ohio.

Athens Video Festival, Athens, Greece.

Cárcel de Amor, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte, Reina Sofia, Madrid; Centro Párraga, Murcia, Spain.

Real Party, Real Art Ways, Hartford, Conn.

2004    ‘The Holiday Shoppping Show, Part 3’, Wallspace, New York, NY.

Transacciones/Fadaiat, Castillo del Guzmán el Bueno, Tarifa, Spain.

Brooklyn Gravity Racer, Pierogi2000, Brooklyn, NY.

2003    ‘The Holiday Shopping Show, Part 2’, Wallspace, New York, NY.

ARTATTIMES, Callacoon, N.Y.

We Remember: Art and the Rosenbergs, The Puffin Room, New York, NY.

Tres Paralelos, Tres Meridianos, El Almacen, Lanzarote, Spain.

2002    Reactions to September 11th, Exit Art, New York, NY.

2000    Historia Cosmopolita, Casa de Moneda, Seville, Spain.

Postponed, Refusalon, San Francisco, CA.

1999    Domesticated, Refusalon, San Francisco, CA.

1998    Como Nos Vemos, Imágenes y arquetipos femeninos, Tecla Sala, Barcelona/Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain.

Cosmopolitan History, TransHudson Gallery, New York (also shown in Bulgaria and France as part of Video Archaeology).

1996    Chant for the Unsettled, Transition/Dislocation: Images of Upheavel, Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art,

Cleveland, Ohio.

1995    Cracovian Meetings, Polish National Television, Cracow, Warsaw, etc., Poland.

1994    Multiple World: An International Survey of Artists’ Books, The Atlanta College of Art Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia.

10,000 Plus, Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois.

1993    Book End and Odd Books, Walter Phillips Gallery, The Banff Centre for the Arts, Alberta, Canada.

1992    Beyond Glory: Re-presenting Terrorism, Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, Md.

1991    El Sueño Imperativo, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain.

Artists of Conscience The Alternative Museum, New York, N.Y1990

Peaceably Assembled, collaboration with Marilyn Zeitlin, Little Egypt, Houston, Texas.

Occupation and Resistance: American Impressions of the Intifada, The Alternative Museum, New York, N.Y.; Knight


Spirit Center for the Arts, Charlotte, N.C., 1991 Mission Cultural Center, San Francisco, Ca.

Construction in Process, Lodz, Poland.

Subterranean Subjects, Henry Street Settlement, New York, N.Y.



Alternative Museum, Occupation and Resistance: American Impressions of the Intifada, New York, N.Y. 1990.

Alternative Museum, Prisoners of Image: Ethnic and Gender Stereotypes, New York, N.Y., 1989.

Alternative Museum, Artists of Conscience, New York, N.Y., 1991.

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Cleveland Center for Contemporary Art, Transition/Dislocation: Images of Upheaval, Cleveland, Ohio, 1996.

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Sichel, Berta, Cosmopolitan History, TransHudson Gallery, New York, 1998.

Tecla Sala, Como Nos Vemos, Barcelona, Spain, 1998.

The Albino Room, Anderson Gallery, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Va., 1982.

Future Histories: The Impact of Changing Technology, Anderson Gallery, V.C.U., Richmond, Va.,1985.


Awards and scholarships

Advisory Board, International Artists’ Museum, New York Center, New York, 1993-1995 .

Artists’ Advisory Board, Alternative Museum, New York, 1985-1989.

New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA), New Media Production Grant,       2007.

Fulbright Fellowship, Spain, 1996-7.

Jerome Foundation, Video Production Grant, 1992 y 1996.

National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), Washington, DC. 1974.


Works in collections 

Ken Bacon, New York, NY.

The Alternative Museum, New York, NY.

The Museum of Modern Art, New York, New York.

Walter Phillips Gallery, The Banff Centre for the Arts, Alberta, Canada.

Victoria Combalia, Barcelona, Spain.

Antonio G. Perez, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain.

Rafael Tous, Barcelona, Spain.